Vaporizers are considered the step up from traditional e-cigarettes. They bear no resemblance to cigarettes and are often slightly larger and therefore capable of providing more usage between refills / charges. For the user that isn’t in the process of giving up smoking, we would recommend a vaporizer over the traditional e-cigarette. There are two main types of vaporizer, the ‘vape pen‘ and the ‘vape mod‘, which are detailed below.

Vape Pens

Vape PenAs the name suggests, vape pens have an appearance similar to that of a pen and are often considered the most stylish varient of e-cigarettes. There are many different vape pens available on the market, and it can be difficult to know which ones are good and which ones you should be avoiding. Here at eCig Analyst, we would suggest avoiding the cheap vape pens you typically find in corner shops and petrol service stations. These have a bad track record when it comes to quality, with reports of leaky devices and even exploding batteries. Below, we have compiled a list of the best vape pens available on the market right now to help you choose which vape pen is right for you.

Here is our pick of vape pens available to buy right now

ProductFunctionalityQualityValueOverallRRPPrice on Amazon
IMECIG L1 Vape Pen
IMECIG vape pen
Read Review
9.59.599.5£50.99Check Price
LiquiPal Starter Kit
Read Review
99.58.59£58.99Check Price
Vapoursson Rexza Vape Pen
Rexza Vape Pen
899.59£19.95Check Price
Aspire Premium Vap Pen
Aspire Premium Vape Pen
9.5107.59£49.99Check Price
Cigma Vape
cigma vape
898.58.5£29.95Check Price
AcuVape Vape Pen
AcuVape Vape Pen
7.5988.5£29.95Check Price

Vape ModsVape Mod

‘Vape Mods’ is a slightly more ambiguous term that essentially means any type of vaporizer that isn’t a vape pen. Vape mods are typically quite a bit bulkier than vape pens and are targeted at vaping enthusiasts. Their larger design enables them to carry a comparatively large battery and a higher e-liquid capacity. This allows the user to vape all day, without the worry that the battery will run out or the e-liquid will run out. Higher end vape mods can have added functionality built into them, such as voltage control, which allows the user to regulate how much vapour is produced with each puff. Another benefit we’ve found with vape mods is that they are often built to a higher standard and have a much sturdier construction than vape pens. This makes them the ideal choice where they are likely to be dropped or bumped around from time to time. However, on the downside they are not as portable as vape pens and may not fit in smaller pockets. Vape mods are not as widely available as vape pens or traditional e-cigarettes and can often only be found in specialist shops or online.

Here is our pick of vape mods available to buy right now

ProductFunctionalityQualityValueOverallRRPPrice on Amazon
Aspire Elite Vape Mod
aspire mod£89.99Check Price
Innokin VTR v2 Vape Mod
Innokin VTR Mod
99.589£59.99Check Price
Dripex DBOX Vape Mod
Dripex Mod
8.588.58.5£27.99Check Price
Innokin Cool Fire 4 Vape Mod
Innokin Fire Mod
8.5888£39.99Check Price
Kanger SUBOX Mini Vape Mod
Kanger SUBOX Mod
8.5788£54.99Check Price

Please note that batteries and clearomizers (e-liquid reservoir / mouthpiece) are often not included in vape mod kits, however these will be available from retailers selling the kits. If in any doubt as to what’s included in a kit, ask the retailer.