Traditional e-cigarettes are very similar in shape and appearance to regular cigarettes. They are a great way to try out vaping without investing lots of money and are particularly good as a starting point when you first give up smoking. You will often find this style of e-cigarette behind the counter in petrol service stations and local corner shops, although the quality of these can vary. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of traditional e-cigarettes over their vaporizer counterparts:electronic-Cigarette1


  • Appearance is similar to that of a cigarette, which aids users that are giving up smoking
  • Smaller size than many vaporizers, enabling easy portability
  • Often cheaper to buy than vaporizers


  • Smaller size means a smaller battery and smaller e-liquid capacity
  • The method in which the e-liquid is vaporized is less efficient than the method used in vaporizers
  • Smaller selection of e-liquid flavours to choose from compared with vaporizers

Here is our pick of e-cigarettes available to buy right now

ProductFunctionalityQualityValueOverallRRPPrice on Amazon
NUCIG Electronic Cigar
Nucig cigar
99.599.5£29.99Check Price
eKaiser Electronic Cigarette
Read Review
998.59£14.95Check Price
Cigware Prime Electronic Cigarette
Cigware Prime
8988.5£19.95Check Price
NUCIG Electronic Cigarette
nucig£11.99Check Price
XEO Electronic Cigarette
89.56.58£18.37Check Price

Traditional e-cigarettes are a good way to trial ‘vaping’ without investing too much money. After a period of using e-cigarettes, many people decide to move up to the next level and invest in a vaporizer, which can be found here.