e-liquidE-liquids are what the user inhales after the vaporizer has converted them into a vapour. There are many different flavors to choose from, ranging from traditional tobacco, all the way to something completely different like watermelon for example. E-liquids can be bought with or without nicotine in them, allowing them to be used by people that may have never smoked and don’t require a nicotine hit. All e-liquids are compatible with all vaporizers regardless of make, unless otherwise stated in the product description.

It is very simple to change the flavour of e-liquid in your vaporizer. Once the existing e-liquid has run out, simply unscrew the clearomizer (e-liquid reservoir), refill with a new flavour of your choice and screw it back on again. This should take less than a minute to complete, making it very easy to change your e-liquid on the go. Below we have brought together a selection of our favourite e-liquids and given them a rating for taste and value.

Where to buy e-liquids?

At e-cig analyst we always recommend buying from well known and trusted retailers. When it comes to your e-liquids, it is important to understand that a lot of bigger companies such as Amazon have a policy against selling e-liquids containing nicotine online. As a result of this, we have scoured the online e-liquid market to determine the best place to purchase your nicotine containing e-liquids. After carrying out a lot of research, we would recommend Vape Superstore for all your e-liquid needs. They offer a huge range of quality e-liquids at reasonable prices. In addition to this, they offer:

  • Next day delivery
  • Free postage on orders over £20
  • Flexible and safe payment methods (including Paypal)

Here is our pick of nicotine free tobacco flavour e-liquids available for you to buy right now

ProductTasteValueOverallRRPPrice on Amazon
Vapouriz Virginia Tobacco 10ml
8.59.59£3.99Check Price
Cigma Gold Tobacco 10ml
Cigma G£8.95Check Price
Vapoursson Classic Tobacco 10ml
97.58£7.95Check Price
Cigma Medium Tobacco 10ml
978£8.95Check Price

Whilst we have focussed on tobacco flavoured e-liquids here, there are almost endless flavours to choose from. Tobacco is the best flavour for those that have recently embarked on giving up smoking, but after a period of vaping tobacco flavoured e-liquid, many users decide to try more adventurous flavours such as blueberry or passion fruit for example.